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BGSIAS horse riding club

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We are glad to share ours about our Horse Riding facilities which is also learning space for our students. The club has a lot of students who are animal lovers and have in a period generated a bond which will remain with them for a lifetime.

Here are 10 Health Benefits of Horseback Riding @ BGSIAS

There are many benefits of horseback riding for your health. Those who ride competitively know that horseback riding is a physically challenging and rewarding activity. Additionally, interaction with horses is believed to have therapeutic effects. This has resulted in the rise of an experiential therapy called horse therapy or equine-assisted therapy, which involves interactions between patients and horses to treat conditions such as substance abuse, mental illness, and autism.

Benefits of Horseback Riding

Here are ten health benefits of traditional horseback riding:

  1. Develops core strength:
    One of the horseback riders’ strongest muscles is her core. Maintaining proper riding posture requires the exercise of the core muscles in addition to the back and chest muscles. Also, it takes an engaged core to stay balanced on the horse.
  2. Improves coordination:
    Coordination is an important skill for horseback riding. Not only does the rider need to coordinate their movements with the horse’s, but they also need to direct the horse in the right direction and over or around obstacles such as barrels and fences.
  3. Encourages trust:
    To be a successful horseback rider, the rider must develop a trusting relationship with her horse. Horses, like any animal, can be unpredictable. If a rider has ever been thrown or injured while riding, it takes a great deal of effort to rebuild that trust. In a horseback riding lesson, you might work on trust-building exercises with your horse. Learning to build trust isn’t just important between horses and riders but in all human relationships.
  4. Exercises the mind:
    Unlike idle activities such as watching TV, horseback riding exercises you physically and mentally. Mental exercise is an important benefit of horseback riding. As you learn to communicate with your horse, execute movements, and overcome obstacles, your brain will store information on how you completed these tasks. As you continue to learn new things, your brain will store the information so you can perform the task again, and perhaps even better the next time.

Therapeutic horseback riding

Dr.Antony D’Souza
Principal & Head of School
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