Affiliated to CAIE

Candidacy School for IB – PYP, MYP & DP


BGSIAS will create an environment where academic achievement and understanding of others will be valued. IASians will be encouraged and mentored to meet academic and personal standards. This child-centric STEAM education is to shape and define the potential skills of each individual. BGSIAS will work towards nurturing Global citizens with a healthy mind and body.
BGSIAS will empower the students in positive thinking, knowledge accumulation, intercultural understanding and respect for fellow human beings. BGSIAS will adopt IB PYP, IB MYP, IB DP, and Cambridge Advanced Curriculum to promote innovative, dynamic and inquiry-based foundation year programmes. In PYP and MYP Literacy, Numeracy, Science and Global Perspectives will be emphasized predominantly. Various subject options will be added from grade VIII onwards.
The child-centric teaching-learning methodology will be adopted from Top International education models and will be implemented with the utmost care.
Assessment of each child is based on skills taught and learning programme devised for the individual child. BGSIAS provides outstanding teaching and sporting facilities to encourage inquiry, investigation, exploration in academics and state of art infrastructure for games and sports (indoor and outdoor).
Our educators will be recruited and trained to become empathetic, committed and compassionate to motivate and encourage our young learners. Our teachers and learners work in partnership to shape every child into a happy, intellectually independent, physically strong and socially responsible adult. The curriculum is designed to prepare the learners for a rapidly developing Global environment.
We personalize the learning experience by customizing programmes to meet each learner’s needs that reflect their academic potentials and application skills. The importance of collaborative work, cultivating an affinity for learning and inspiring the efforts towards attaining excellence in every field will get the prime focus in the Primary and Middle years of teaching and learning in BGSIAS.