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individualisation of learning

Individualization is one of the basic principles of teaching at BGSIAS.  All learning activities and stages of the teaching process are based on the individual characteristics of students. Considering this Assessment is one of the most important stages of the teaching process, individualisation in this field is the premise of ensuring the quality of teaching.



Assessment depends on a set of pre-defined statements outlining different levels or standards of achievement in a program, course, or assessment component. Assessment of all our programmes supports and encourage effective teaching and learning.

  • Students are evaluated on knowledge and skills that will serve them well in further study and life beyond the classroom. 
  • The goal is to ensure that students appreciate what the subject is about and are ready to use that understanding to progress and develop in whatever challenges they choose to tackle next.
  • Our assessments are designed to be fair, continuous, valid, reliable and practicable.
  • Engage the learner in the reflection of their learning.


Assessment for learning


Formative Assessment


Summative Assessment

Assessments are designed squarely to feed into the learning process and make the learning stronger

David N Perkins

Digital Assessment

We have automated the assessment process where students can attend the online exams. The results are shared with students and parents in real-time. All information relating to the exam is available in one, easy-to-use dashboard.

Digital Assessment


Facilitating students in every level of their learning through quick and instantaneous feedback, hence leading to the progress of the child. 

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