Dr. Mohit Hegde

Technical Director - BGSIAS

Dr. Hegde is an Electronics and telecommunications engineer by qualification, carries a large experience in providing consultation to educational institutions on using IT technology to deliver quality education to the students of these Institutions through his company – Creative Infotech.

He has to his credit the Award for “ Digital educator the year ” by the leading Management institution along with Mr. Naryana Murthy who was awarded lifetime achievement award in the year 2016 for his work with Vishveshwariya Technological University for setting up the first Apple centre of excellence in India through his company Creative Infotech.

He has been Awarded Doctorate his research and contribution made in Using technology to deliver education from leading International university.

Dr. Mohit Hegde is Technocrat turned entrepreneur with deep understanding of pedagogy and curriculum standards of various educational Boards , Information Technology. Business Management, k-12 School Services and building turnkey systems aimed at improving academic standards across the board.He has designed futuristic learning ecosystem which addresses – collaboration , creativity , communication and critical thinking and the ability to measure the impact through his unique measurement research techniuque.

Through his extensive experience in running a Creative Infotech of highly skilled Apple professionals , handling 50 institution , he mastered the core principles of making decisions, executing, delivering, delegating, managing tasks and enabling institution under engagement to realize their vision decisively.