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Community Engagement


Bringing Community Together

With the help of technology, @BGSIAS parents can now stay connected to all that is happening in the classrooms. Digital outreach can help parents stay informed, become more involved, and be better positioned to help with kids’ schoolwork—all factors driving better student engagement and performance.

Remarkable improvement in parental engagement thanks to digital tools

The basic aim of such technology @BGSIAS is simple – to help the students get better than what they were earlier. Now at the dinner table, parents can talk straight away to the children about a particular project that they saw in their portfolios. They do not have to pose simplistic questions like what is going on with their school and education in general.

Ease of Communication

After using the digital tools and technology that they are talking about conversations with parents & teachers have become more open. There is a great deal of relaxation as well. Parents & teachers feel that meetings have become a lot quicker and friendlier. They are more like friendly check-ins instead of being the formal events they were earlier.

Increased Engagement Levels

Digital tools such as portfolios have increased the engagement levels of the parents when it comes to their kids and that too in a remarkable way. The best thing about such technology is that you have various portfolios to choose from. Examples of such options are daily routine portfolios and project work portfolios.

Community Collaboration

Educators offer unique knowledge, expertise and perspectives that schools can use to enhance student wellbeing and make learning more authentic and connected.

Parent Engagement

Communication tools are breaking down barriers that have limited parent engagement in the past. Educators to send mobile texts, video summaries, and other alerts to parents about important school activities or their child’s recent academic or behavioral progress.

Seamless Communication for residential students

The Educators to update parents through message on student behaviour, both positive and negative. Parents also have access to School, Class, Student Stories—a timeline of pictures and videos about their child’s experiences @residential school.

Happy moments @BGSIAS

Sharing pictures with parents makes us feel connected. Every year so many student related events, functions, activities happens. Besides this, their achievements, placements, awards in various competitions and daily happening process are all good memories of our institution. To maintain their memories we have a wonderful Photogallery channel for them.
Gallery in our system gives you more content and stay connectedAt times, facilitators may need to share important screenshots and pictures 

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