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Constructive Feedback

Constructive feedback given by the facilitators @BGSIAS has a purpose. It helps learners become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged. Ready to tackle the demands of tomorrow’s world, capable of shaping a better world for the future.

the vision

Our Positive Attitude

Providing feedback is a process of conveying information about performance. We help the student in understanding the requirements of the work. It can improve student’s confidence, enthusiasm and motivation for learning. Feedback will be attached to students’ work as evidence which will serve as an effective way to reflect on their work. Peer feedback if given in a positive way boosts student morale and gives them pride and motivation to be better next time. By giving this opportunity, we make sure each and every child gets to voice their opinions, thoughts and feelings.

Regular, Comprehensive & Constructive


We give the opportunity to take ownership and emerge as lifelong learners. We also highlight the practice of constructive feedback enabling parents to be more engaged with their child’s learning.

The feedback that counts

Feedback is often confused with criticism, but feedback should NOT be viewed as a personal assault or a list of errors, mistakes or mishaps. While the content of the feedback can be negative, we make sure it is delivered always constructive which will affect learners positively.

Constructive feedback is

Giving positive feedback is reactive, but giving encouragement is proactive!

the key to success


Feedback to students will be an on-going practice @BGSIAS at times it is given verbally and at times written. Keeping in mind the approaches to teaching and approaches to learning, giving constructive feedback to students is very important. Quality feedback gives information they need so that they can understand where they are in their learning and what to do next – the cognitive factor.

Our facilitators

Learning through Reflection

The school life of a student is not limited to academic performance alone. At BGSIAS there will be a lot of non-academic activities the student will participate across different years of school. The details of these activities along with the custom remarks of the student will be available in student profiles for the access of the parent. 

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