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The fact of the matter—and yes, we can indeed say fact as the many benefits of arts education has been thoroughly researched—is that the arts can teach life skills, inspire students, and allow them to experience the world differently.

Read on to discover some of the many benefits of arts education!


Often the first skill people think of when they hear the word “art” is creativity. It is an incredibly important thing to foster and hone, as people apply creativity to just about every aspect of life— problem-solving, everyday writing, projects (business or otherwise), etc.


Painters will tell you that practice makes perfect. So will musicians, writers, actors, and just about any type of artist out there. To get better, one must be persistent in their craft. Students in band will practice just about every day—oftentimes before school, during, and after on their own. Learning to have this diligence early on will leave a lasting impression on the student, who can take their hard-earned diligence and apply it to other parts of their life.


Photographers must have a perfect sense of timing and might have to wait quite a while for the perfect shot. A flute player trying to master a difficult section of a piece will have to have patience with themselves if they make mistakes. To get better at any skill—artistic or otherwise—a lot of time and effort will have to be put into it. Nobody becomes a Michelangelo overnight.


Many different forms of fine arts require more than one participant. Band/Orchestra, choir, drama, and film are team efforts, and so students can learn the value of working with others and understanding their contribution to the bigger whole. Marching band, for example, requires students to master their placements—if one person is off, the entire picture is jeopardized. This emphasizes the importance of the individual within the larger organization. It’s a skill and mindset that will be vital down the road.


There’s no doubt that the teenage years can be difficult and tumultuous. Instead of rebelling in potentially harmful ways, teens introduced to various arts positively express themselves through a creative outlet.

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