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Purpose of Feedback

Feedback is a key element of the incremental process of ongoing learning and assessment. We provide meaningful feedback  to students on time to greatly enhance their learning and achievement. It helps the learners to reflect on their learning and their learning strategies so they can make adjustments to make better progress in their learning.



Learners need endless feedback more than they need endless teaching

Grant Wiggins


Effective Feedback for Learning in Action

We evaluate the students understanding through assessments and enhances learning experiences.

  • Focuses on the quality of the learner’s work or processes.
  • Motivates and challenges the learner to further develop their knowledge and skills.
  • Identifies and positively reinforces what was done well
  • Suggests routes to improvement.
  • Enables students to refine their capacity to use information to judge themselves in relation to similar work or situations.
  • Directly linked to the learning intentions and success criteria.

Messaging System

 To create an ideal learning environment , internal messaging system is used which facilitates communication between parents & teachers. Our  communication system strengthens the relationship between parents, students & educators. Two -way communication allows parents to stay on top of what their children are learning, about school events and student performance.

Fast and Easy

Sharing Of Knowledge, Views And Information

Connect And Stay In Touch With Educators Effectively, Efficiently And Effortlessly.​​

Constuctive Feedback

Peer feedback if given in a positive way boosts student morale and gives them pride and motivation to be better next time. 

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