Founder President's message

Padma Bhushan Sri Sri Sri Dr.Balagangadharanatha Maha Swamiji

Founder President, Sri Adichunchanagiri Shikshana Trust ®

Man cannot live in isolation, however great he may be. He depends on society in every walk of life. It, therefore, becomes his bounded duty to give back to society what he receives from it. It will indeed be a wasted life if he cannot pay back this debt to society, albeit in little measure, during his lifetime. This can be done if man is constantly tuned to the wants of the less privileged. Today the world is boiling cauldron of social ills like illiteracy ill health and poverty, compounded by natural disasters like earthquakes and floods. If only each one of us takes up cudgels against just one issue and make it our business to alleviate the problem. How wonderful it would be if each one of us made it our life’s mission to provide just one family with the basic necessities of Anna, Akshara and Arogya, food, education and health. But engaging one-self in social services is no mean task. It should not be indulged in for the sake of fame or fortune. Social service must be done with the spirit of doing ones duty, and not as dispensing a favour. One should indeed feel blessed that he has been given an opportunity to serve the needy.