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Hybrid Learning @ BGSIAS

We use Hybrid learning approach to create deeply engaging courses that allow students to reach outside classroom walls for guided learning experiences, which in turn, allows for creative, provocative and meaningful interaction during face-to-face class time.


World Class infrastructure

World class infrastructure that promotes learning in as safe and secure environment.


Tech integrated Curriculum

Technology enabled teaching and learning approaches that promote self learning


Community Engagement

Initiatives that allows community members to actively participate in school’s portal that facilitates an inclusive environment.

Learning is not a spectator sport Let's play

Hybrid Learning?

Different Modes, Different Strategies

At BGSIAS we believe meaningful integration of technology into teaching and learning is the future of education and provides greater opportunities to up-skill the students for the future of work. We achieve this using our unique blended learning strategy that combines the merits of online education with the proven techniques of traditional place-based classroom methods. We also strongly believe this combination of 21st century teaching and learning combined with traditional teaching methods  will contribute to deliver a truly distinctive and remarkable learning experience for our students. We achieve this with a combination of tools like LMS, MIS and initiatives like centre of excellence where teachers and student can have control over time, place, path, or pace. Students at COE, excel in the creative application of content knowledge, critical thinking, teamwork, communication, and collaboration. In addition to this, students are supported by an environment that promotes risk-taking, reflection, perseverance, resilience, and international mindedness.

Every student can learn Just not on the same day or in the same way

George Evans

Enriching Personalised Learning

Teaching & Learning

An IB education at BGSIAS aims to transform students as they learn, through dynamic cycles of inquiry, action and reflection. Teachers enable and support students as they develop the approaches to learning they need – for both academic and personal success. This is surely great news for the weaker students who face issues in learning in a regulated environment. We encourage students  to become active, compassionate, cultivate growth mindset and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right. 

Pedagogical Approaches

With learner centric approach, at every learning stage addressing every learning needs.

Pedagogical Approches

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Virtual Learning

Facilitators enable and support students as they develop the approaches to learning

Virtual Learning

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One Step Ahead

Role of LMS

Our LMS is designed keeping the challenges of teaching and learning in mind and it facilitates the management, delivery, and measurement of curriculum delivery and outcomes. It is also scalable and flexible to the various needs of our learners. We believe this is a fundamental component of an effective learning strategy that accommodates learning strategies across different formats, including  formal, experiential, and social learning.

Key areas of Impact

Extended Support

Extended Support

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Continuous Assessment


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Comprehensive Approach

Analytics Through MIS

Our MIS is designed to introduce a structured information exchange environment for students, parents, teachers and administrators in schools, bridging the communication gap that may exist for all the stakeholders. It also eases the administrative tasks as well as student-related functions in a school making us more efficient. It also helps us to effectively communicate and share information and send targeted notifications to students and parents in a real time. Thus keeping parents informed about Childs days to day activities and progress.


Key areas of Impact

three different approaches

Teachers as facilitators In every step

Virtual Learning Environment


“Every learner is unique, hence different learning challenges demand different approach”​

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Center Of Excellence

Education for life CENTER OF EXCELLENCE Guided by the core values of BGSIAS, provides an environment that promotes self-efficacy, reflection, skilling, resilience, and international mindedness 01

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