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Future of Education

Today, we live in the digital age, where students are more comfortable with technology and have access to devices that enable them to learn from the comfort of their homes. Online exams take advantage of this comfort and are the perfect solution to traditional exams during the global pandemic.
Now is the time to enter the learning analytics field and make a difference in the education of current students and lifelong learners. So @BGSIAS, we will have complete analytics of learners which will provide insight into not only how a learner is performing today, but also about his/her performance throughout the Learning.


Better Learning not better grades


Pedagogy Practices

The IB offers a range of professional development workshops, teacher support material, feedback from the examinations sessions (subject reports), and is planning to provide even more data through the Results Extra service. This service allows teachers to see which individual questions and topics their students answered well and those that they were less able to answer relative to students worldwide. All of these services can support the provision of excellent teaching and learning.

Assessment Division

Under IB Assessment Division we aim to create relevant and meaningful assessments that support good teaching and learning than `teaching to the test’ but there are limitations to what can be achieved while ensuring that candidates and teachers feel the examination fairly reflect what students have learnt and teachers have taught.

we want our students to help create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect


plan of action

Education at Interface

It’s important to engage and inform school leaders, listen to the needs of teachers and students, and educate users on how to consume and act on the data that’s presented. Teachers and administrators will only be committed to data-driven decision making if they can see its value and are educated about how to turn insights gleaned from data into action. We want our students to help create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect


maximizing academic performance


improvements in grade point averages


achieving your goals

we are part of the family all the way through.

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