MD'S Message

Sri Sri Dr. Prakashnath Swamiji

Managing Director, BGS Group of Institutions

The BGS knowledge city was established in the year 1997. Over the last two decades the school has made rapid strides in various fields from academics, co-curricular to sports. This remarkable progress is a matter to rejoice. Today, children are born with multiple talents which needs to be nurtured by parents, teachers and society. In the school especially, these talents have to be identified and opportunities given to bring out the best in them. Children should also be given an opportunity to achieve all round development which can be channelized later for the service of society. Reading and writing alone don’t make a complete personality. The nation needs children with proper education and good character to serve humanity with dignity, honor and pride. keeping this in mind and to make a revolution in Global education arena, BGS International Academia school is getting established and will start operating from june 2020. I wish the staff, students all the best in working towards this noble goal.