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Expression of thoughts & feelings​

Music, art concerned with combining vocal or instrumental sounds for beauty of form or emotional expression, according to cultural standards of rhythm, melody & harmony,  Music  is  related  to  creating opportunities of interaction, developing potentialities and transforming creative talents to possibilities in everyday life by participating in activities such as music listening, composing, and  performing. It is a form of social interaction Music education actually touches all areas of learning. These include the psychomotor area which focuses on the development of your skills in music, the cognitive aspect which focuses on the acquisition of knowledge about music and the affective aspect which includes the appreciation and sensitivity to music.


Music essentially comes from the soul

Music teaching and learning are meaningful and engaging when it is regarded as a medium of expressing genuine emotions, enhancing interest, stimulating cognition, and regulating the collective behavior of all learners in all disciplinary learning and teaching. Music teaching and learning is done in cross-disciplinary, integrated, project-based, and thematic education when music is received as a medium of education such as listening, composing, and performing.

Music Experience

At BGSIAS, we  create an enjoyable learning environment to inspire young minds and help them grow in appreciation of music. We have top-notch Music Teachers who are  skilled in playing various musical instruments.  We instruct students in practical methods and theory of general music, singing,  as well as playing musical instruments. We  evaluate student performance and provide feedback and assistance to improve their musical skills. Our music teachers explore a wide range of music with students of all ages and we maintain safe and positive learning environment for students.

AV Room

"Music ..... Gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination ..... and life to everything.”



Learning music provides health benefits as well as  enhance skills needed for education and social interaction like  

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