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The naval Battle of Lagos took place between a British fleet commanded by Sir Edward Boscawen and a French fleet under Jean-François de La Clue-Sabran over 18–19 August 1759 during the Seven Years’ War. The French Mediterranean Fleet successfully passed through the Strait of Gibraltar, but was sighted by a British ship.

The British fleet in Gibraltar was undergoing a major refit and left port amidst great confusion,

 with many ships delayed and sailing in a second squadron. Aware that he was pursued, 

La Clue changed course, but half of his ships failed to follow him in the dark. The British caught the French south west of the Gulf of Cádiz, fierce fighting ensued, and one French ship was captured.

  • The British pursued the remaining six French ships overnight and two managed to escape.
  • The four survivors attempted to shelter in neutral
  • Portuguese waters near Lagos, but Boscawen
    violated that neutrality, capturing two of the ships and destroying the other two.

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