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Digital Portfolios

Digital portfolios are playing a major role in this particular regard. They are also helping the parents start a conversation with the learner. So @BGSIAS, a Digital portfolio for every student is created. In this mobile era, where the number of mobile users is greater than the number of desktop users, the necessity of mobile apps in educational institutions has become crucial to manage their day to day functioning efficiently. It is also very important to engage the learners by reminding them to access the virtual platform regularly.


Digital portfolios are pushing updates to the parents. They are not only providing them to the parents and then expecting them to check the same in due course of time. Also helping the parents take an active part in the learning of their wards at the same time as it is happening. This is the reason why experts rate them so much in such regard.

A Shared Commitment

The purpose

With the fact that every school has a responsibility to maintain evidence of students’ learning, the Portfolio acts a source for collecting, recording and storing the evidence.

More Accessible

A digital portfolio showcases both student achievement and student learning over time. To demonstrate growth, a portfolio will often include similar work done over several years.


Positive Interaction

Content of the portfolios will include examples of their best performances, demonstrations of achieving a particular objective, and examples showing personal and academic growth. The content indicates a wide range of skills and abilities and provides a clear demonstration of student ability.

Self Reflection

Self-reflections can be recorded, as can oral presentations, dramatic performances, musical compositions, and more. In today’s connected world, a digital portfolio is easy to retrieve, to store, and to share.

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