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Swimming @BGSIAS

Swimming lessons can become an important part of daily activity not only for pre-schoolers but also for pupils as well by helping them to boost their concentration and confidence. If your child having a hard time focusing on lessons and as well as interacting with peers then you may want to include swimming lessons in his or her daily schedule.

Considering a classroom full of dozens of other children, it is not surprising why your little one having a hard time concentrating on lessons and as well as individual tasks. In an environment like this children experience lots of distractions which can take some time before s/he gets used to it.

BGSIAS has a swimming coach separately. 

For beginners, the initial few pulls and kicks toward the other side of the pool can be a little intimidating. This is also true for pupils at the school: tests, raising hands to deliver the answer to a question, or as well as noting new vocabulary words.

In some cases, some students begin swimming classes when they already have “swimming” skills. However, our swim instructors train children as the major building blocks of swimming abilities. Besides, they acquire important knowledge, which we call a life skill, about being safe in and around the water.

Children can think that they know everything happens around them, and this can especially translate to not following directions in school. Or probably it can be difficult for little ones to focus on a task and take directions in paces. 

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