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Teaching & Learning

Optimising Learning

An IB education at BGSIAS aims to transform students as they learn, through dynamic cycles of inquiry, action and reflection. Teachers enable and support students as they develop the approaches to learning they need – for both academic and personal success. This is surely great news for the weaker students who face issues in learning in a regulated environment. We encourage students  to become active, compassionate, cultivate growth mindset and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right. 




Teachers & Students use technology to explore new ways 
to approach teaching & learning




Teachers & Students integrate technology to deepen learning and teaching practices. 



Teachers & Students redefine their roles with innovative uses of technology.

Teaching & Learning is a collaborative process

Melodee K Moltman

Approaches to Teaching & Learning

  • Deliberate strategies, skills and attitudes that permeate the teaching and learning environment.
  • Intrinsically linked with the learner profile attributes.
  • Designed to enhance student learning and assist student preparation for DP assessment and beyond

Teaching @BGSIAS

Educators being facilitators are inspirational, passionate and adaptable with the ability to deliver an inquiry based trans-disciplinary programme. Teaching is

  • Focused on conceptual understanding
  • Developed in local and global contexts
  • Focused on effective teamwork and collaboration
  •  Differentiated to meet the needs of all learners
  • Informed by assessment

Learning @BGSIAS

The five categories of interrelated skills aim to empower learners  to lead their learning & to become self-regulated learners.

  • Thinking skills, including areas such as critical thinking, creative thinking and ethical thinking
  • Research skills
  • Communication skills
  • Social skills, including areas such as forming and maintaining positive relationships, listening skills, and conflict resolution
  • Self-management skills, including both organizational skills, such as managing time and tasks, and affective skills, such as managing state of mind and motivation.

Information Center

Information centre is the physical and digital learning space where reading, inquiry, research, thinking, imagination, and creativity are central to students’ information-to-knowledge journey and to their personal, social, and cultural growth.  Information centre @BGSIAS enhances student learning outcomes by providing a range of programs, services and resources which support teaching and learning. We use current technologies to provide easy access to information.

  • Provide and promote quality fiction to develop and sustain in students the habit  of reading for pleasure and to enrich students’ intellectual, aesthetic, cultural and emotional growth.
  • Promote information literacy by helping students develop skills to find, evaluate, use, create and share information and knowledge.
  • Cater for differences in learning and teaching styles through the provision of, and equality of access to, a wide range of curriculum resources – fiction and non-fiction, digital, print, audio and video.
  • Collaborate with educators to plan, implement and evaluate inquiry-based programs that will ensure students acquire skills to collect, critically analyse and organize information, problem-solve and communicate their findings.

Power packed system

School operations are completely digitized  to improve the overall productivity and efficiency.  It also facilitates better communication between parents and teachers which is hugely beneficial for student growth.

Time Table

Complete timetable for the week or a specific day activities.


Search the book details from student's dashboard and apply for issue.


Interact with teachers and team mates

Online Learning

Anytime Anywhere learning with facilitating resources.
Get all academic informations at your finger tips.

Continuous Assessments

Standards, or goals, are put in place for teachers to follow and set for students to achieve. Assessments are used in the evaluation process of student’s learning.

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